Very often we hear talk that if parents drink, smoke or use drugs, then their children will definitely grow up as alcoholics, smokers or drug addicts. Are they really doomed? Let’s figure it out.

Alcoholism, smoking and other common harmful addictions poison the lives of many. And now we are not talking about thousands of people who once embarked on the wrong path or, but rather about those who become involuntary witnesses of the breakdown of a person as an integral personality – the people around them. Addictions not only kill us, making us slaves to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and the like, but also destroy families, friendships and careers. Why did alcoholism and drug addiction spread so quickly? Could it be that addictions are passed on to children from a father or mother with genes? Let’s take a look at each problem separately. Let’s start with alcoholism. If the parents had such a problem, then it will naturally affect the child. But at the genetic level, it is not the “alcoholism” disease itself that is transferred, but a certain predisposition to it, that is, the child himself will not reach for alcohol, but if he tries it, he is very likely to repeat the fate of his parents. Such children will have high levels of alcohol dehydrogenase in their blood, an enzyme that will block vomiting reflexes and break down alcohol that enters the liver. This will also help to weaken the person’s psychological resistance to alcohol. However, it is worth remembering that with proper upbringing and strong will of the parents, the child is less threatened, because in a normal family the child will take a positive example from his parents. Tobacco smoking. When you inherit a smoking habit, much the same thing happens. The child receives “as a gift” not a desire to smoke, but a predisposition to develop dependence on tobacco, as well as the likelihood of lung cancer. But it is worth remembering that with due endurance and concentration of the child’s parents, nothing will threaten him. For many years, statistics were collected on the impact of parents on their children, and this is what was revealed: the development of a habit in a daughter is more influenced by the presence of dependence on the mother than on the father. For sons, everything is exactly the opposite. With all this, the effect of the mother on the daughter is stronger than that of the father on the son. Drug addict. Very similar consequences are observed in those whose parents used drugs. These children are more likely to become drug addicts. These children have frequent sleep interruptions, mental problems and other developmental disorders. However, it is worth remembering that with proper control from the parents – both themselves and the child, it will be possible to make sure that their child does not even try illegal drugs, and, therefore, dependence cannot develop, even with his increased predisposition. So, in addition to all the problems associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs that were mentioned earlier, there are other unpleasant things: an increase in the likelihood of stillbirth, the development of birth defects and pathologies, and much, much more. Therefore, it is better to immediately think about your children and not succumb to these bad habits. Remember: the health of your children is more important than all bad habits!